Japan Issued Municipal Solid Waste Emissions and Disposal in FY 2014
Time:2016-02-01 16:20

Time: 31 January 2016

Ministry of the Environment, Government of Japan, issued “Municipal solid waste emissions and disposal in FY2014”. According to the situation regarding emissions and disposal of municipal solid waste (solid waste and excrement) in FY2014 surveyed, total waste emissions was 44,320,000 tons, and waste reduction rate was 98.7%. Among them, the amount of waste disposed by landfill was 4,300,000 tons, the total amount of waste recycled was 9,130,000 tons. Spending on waste disposal services increased slightly to 1,943.1 billion yen, and the main categories of expenditure included construction and improvement, and disposal and running costs.
Source: http://www.env.go.jp/en/headline/2218.html